Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU)

Mailing address for direct deposit forms or pin change forms:
P.O. Box 30354
Lansing, MI 48909

Mailing address for child support payments:
P.O. Box 30351
Lansing, MI 48909

Customer Service:



Interactive Voice Response Unit (IVR)

Case specific account information and general questions can be obtained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the following contact number:

Toll Free: 1-877-543-2660

Some information that is available on the IVR system:

Payment Information:

  • Last Payment & Balance
  • Last 3 Payments & Balance
  • Report Lost or Stolen Checks
  • Direct Deposit Sign-up or Changes
  • Last Month’s Payment Summary

Enforcement Information

  • Show Cause Hearing Information
  • Bench Warrant Information
  • Income Withholding Information

Request for Forms and/or Hearings

  • Choose from a list of available options
  • Forms will be mailed in 3-5 business days