Credit Card Payments

The Mecosta County Treasurer is now offering credit card and e-check services for payment of delinquent property taxes and other fees. If you wish to pay these bills in person at the Treasurers Office, we accept credit cards, checks, money orders, and cash. All credit card and e-check payments are processed by a third party provider, called Point and Pay, on behalf of the County of Mecosta. Point and Pay charges a transactional fee for each processed payment as follows:

Payment Type


Credit Card

Delinquent Tax and PRE Tax:
3% of transaction, minimum of $2.00

All Others: Tiered Fee Schedule
$0-$50 - $1.50
$50.01-$100 - $3.00
Each additional $100 - $3.00


$3.00 for transactions under $10,000;
$10.00 for transactions $10,000 and over.



On-line Assessment, Property Tax and Delinquent Tax Data

To view Assessing, Property Tax & Delinquent Tax Data online, read the Privacy Policy below and visit Mecosta County (Online Data) and City of Big Rapids (Online Data).


In the State of Michigan, laws exist to ensure that the public has a right to access appropriate records and information possessed by County government. The General Property Tax Act provides that all property assessment rolls and property appraisal cards be available for public inspection and copying and that local tax collecting units capable of making available a posted computer printed tax roll may do so through the provision of a computer terminal for public viewing.

Information that is not confidential and is available during an in-person visit to Mecosta County may be posted for electronic access through the County of Mecosta Internet Information Services Site.

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Regarding tax payment information for real property, any payment not received by February 28th following a tax year becomes delinquent and is turned over to the Mecosta County Treasurer for collection. Any payments made after February 28th following the tax year are collected directly by the Mecosta County Treasurer. Therefore, the user/viewer of this information, should verify with the Mecosta County Treasurer whether amounts indicated as being unpaid after the February 28th following the tax year have in fact been paid or not paid to the County.

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Mecosta County (Online Data) click here

City of Big Rapids (Online Data) click here