Paul E. Bullock

Paul E. Bullock

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In January 2001 the County created the position of Controller/Administrator. The Board of Commissioners looks to this officer to provide overall management, leadership and direction to the agencies and programs of Mecosta County in a manner consistent with state law and the policies of the Board. The office of Controller/Administrator is responsible for directing the development and attainment of overall county goals and objectives including those of county agencies and programs.

The Controller/Administrator, under the general direction of the Board and through such assistants as are authorized, directs and coordinates the administration of programs and services; Directs the gathering and analysis of financial, program, and other information; provides general supervision of non-elected department heads as assigned; functions as liaison between the Board of Commissioners and county departments and agencies; responsible for all Controller functions, such as accounting, procurement and facilities management, in accordance with MCL 46.13b; administers the County's risk management program; and makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners regarding county policies, budgets and financial plans, and programs and agencies; and carries out such other duties as the Board directs.


Mindy Taylor

Mindy Taylor
Finance Officer

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The Finance Department is responsible for budget preparation and control of budgetary accounts; the accounting, and payroll functions; and the production and dissemination of financial reports. The Finance Department is responsible for assistance and compilation of County Audit Reports. The Finance Director is appointed by the County Board and reports to and acts as a financial advisor to the Controller/Administrator.

1099 Recipients

The Mecosta County Accounting Office and our Worker’s Compensation auditor require a Certificate of Insurance and a W-9 to be on file in our office from all 1099 recipients. These forms will also need to be updated annually as you continue to provide our county with your services.

1099 Letter
Contractor Statement

Form 5572 Pension and OPEB Report