Drain Commissioner

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Ives Drain Article - Fall 2023


Drain Commissioner's Office:

  • Construct, repair, and maintain 39 county drains
  • Inspect and maintain 7 lake level structures
    • Blue Lake Dam
    • Brady Lake Dam
    • Chippewa Lake Dam
    • Horsehead Lake Dam
    • Long Lake Dam
    • Pickerel Lake Dam
    • Pretty Lake Dam
  • Member of the following boards:
    • Brady Lake Improvement Board
    • Jehnsen Lake Improvement Board
    • Tri-Lakes Improvement Board
    • Mecosta County Parks Board Member

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Department/Certified Enforcing Agency:

  • Review and approve plans
  • Issue Soil Erosion Permits
  • Inspect construction sites

Review and approve storm water drainage plans for plats, site condos, mobile home parks and other developments.

Drains and Drainage District Maps

The Drain Commissioner’s Office, working closely with the Equalization Department, has mapped many of the county drains on the Fetch GIS system (MAP VIEWER) (click on the "Toggle Layers" icon and select "Lakes, Streams & Drains" to turn on the Drains layer).

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